Sasha Stamps White

Sasha is a native of Dayton, Ohio. She has been specializing in providing top hair care for over eight years and has been a salon owner for over four years. She became dedicated to creating wigs and custom units due to so many women feeling stuck with their hair loss. The Stamped brand has no limits when it comes to hair care, this birthed the Stamped Custom Hair Units. To date, she has sold over 1,000 units that have been shipped are all over the globe.


Somalia Ramin

Somalia, who was named in honor of fallen women soldiers who died in battle in Mogadishu, is far from the average local artist. She is a multi-talented singer, songwriter, actress, dancer, and host. Her live performances are proof that her rich and soulful Jazz vocals, laid over R&B, Electronic, and Hip-hop infused tracks, makes it impossible for you to sit still. She recently released her second EP titled “Journey.”


Noelle Leisure

Noelle was born in Miami, raised between Florida and the Bahama Islands where her family is rooted. This played a big role in her interest in fashion at an early age. City and island living gave Noelle the best of both worlds. From picking up fast city trends to adopting a uniformed style of dress. She attained great taste for color, design, appreciation for tradition, love for people, and a creative eye to be a visionary in all that she does.